Philippines Hit By Massive 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/newszbreakinwx | 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Celebes Sea, Tuesday afternoon. Photo Credit: Twitter/newszbreakinwx

A 7.3 magnitude underwater earthquake reportedly hit the Philippines on Tuesday.  The quake measures a depth of 380 miles in the Celebes Sea, southeast of Jolo.  But, according to Philippine seismologists, the earthquake was too deep to cause any real damage or harm among Philippine settlers and seafarers.  A tsunami, according to them, is not even possible.

The earthquake resulted from the movement of oceanic plates that are 387 miles under the seabed, according to Renato Solidum from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.  The southern part of General Santos city slightly felt the effects of the quake.  There are also possible aftershocks as the quake centered 138 miles southeast of Tongkil, Sulu province , says Solidum.

The rare but terrifying earthquake

The quake hit Tabiauan at around 2:13 P.M., according to SkyMet Weather.  Based on the Philippine seismologist’s analysis, such massive quakes, that occur from deep under the sea, are rare.  Its effects are oftentimes unnoticed, but there are a few wherein shallow tremors are manifest.

Aside from this earthquake, there were also four other quakes recorded by Phivolcs today. San Antonio, Zambales; Bayaba, Surigao del Sur; Abra de Ilog; and Occidental Mindoro also felt the slight tremors due to the quakes. The Philippines lies in the Pacific “ Ring of Fire”.  It means that the country is beset with volcanic activities and earthquakes, reports the Independent.  This is not the first time Philippines got hit by a massive earthquake.  There were a few in the past that caused plenty of casualties and property damages.  

Since 2017 started, there have been plenty of earthquake reports.  The numbers also increased dramatically compared to the previous years.  A 5.8 magnitude earthquake reportedly hit Canada recently and now, the Philippines with a 7.3.  It pays when everyone comes fully equipped and prepared for such a calamity.  

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