People Plotting Against Trump Are ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’: Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin finally spoke about the claims made in the dirty dossier about US President-Elect Donald Trump. According to him, the allegations are nonsense and bogus stories. He believe that those ordering and distributing this information are “worse than prostitutes.” Putin also accused the departing Obama administration’s effort for the dossier.

According to him, it was an effort by Obama’s administration to undermine Trump. He also said that Trump’s opposition had no moral boundaries, while adding that he did not know Trump and had never met him. An article in New York Times states that Putin dubbed the memo as the sign of the west crumbling down. He hoped that Trump’s administration would take steps to repair and balance US relations with Russia and rest of the Europe.

The Dirty Dossier

US President-elect Donald Trump made headlines once again after Buzzfeed published a dossier containing memos. The memos consisted of intelligence collected by a British intelligence officer as part of opposition research. The dossier made news as it had information about ties between Trump and president Putin, states an article in

The dossier revealed information that proved that the two have known each other. It also divulged a fact that Russian officials and authorities had been supporting the American billionaire for five years now. It also contained compromising information about Trump and a video of his sex acts in a Moscow hotel.

Putin’s response

“You know, it’s difficult for me to imagine that he ran to the hotel to meet with our women of lower social responsibility,” said Putin about allegations regarding Trump, prostitutes and a Moscow hotel. “Even though they’re the best in the world, of course. But I doubt that Trump went after them,” he added, informs a Washington Post report. Slamming the dossier for its contents, Putin denied that Russian intelligence had collected this information on Trump. According to Putin Russian intelligence officers had better things to do than hunt for information on every American billionaire.

An article in The Wall Street Journal states that Putin made his comments on the dossier at a press conference with Moldovan President Igor Dodon. He took the opportunity to say that the claims were made in an attempt to weaken his legitimacy. It was an effort by his detractors to stop him from fulfilling the promises he made to his countrymen during his Presidential campaign.

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