Pebble Smartwatch Offers $20 Discount for Black Friday

Pebble Smartwatch Offers $20 Discount for Black FridayFor those who are looking for wearable gadget, Black Friday could be an ideal time to find and buy one at a discount. Pebble Smartwatch should be among the top choices. The smartwatch is now selling at a $20 markdown on its price tag. However, this offer may only last for Black Friday.

Pebble Smartwatch is usually available at retailers for $149.99. But for this day, it would come at a discounted price through its Website, While the smartwatch has finally arrived on early this week, the $20 discount for Black Friday would only apply on Pebble online site. The wearable gadget is also sold at AT&T and Best Buy, but again, buying from these distributors would not entitle customers to the deal.

The smartwatch is available in various colors through the deal: red, black, white, and orange. There is grey variation available but it is not included in the Black Friday offer. An ordered unit of the product could be shipped within three to five official business days following closing of purchase transaction.

Kickstarter project

It was only last year when Pebble Smartwatch started becoming popular especially among online customers. Back then, it emerged as the most funded among all Kickstarter projects at that time. This was because it earned funding of up to $10 million and advanced orders of up to 85,000 watches.

The first batch of Pebble Smartwatch units was shipped in September 2012. However, it was not spared from unnecessary delay due to unexpected surge in demand. Some of the early supporters of the kickstarter product received their ordered Pebble smartwatches just early this year.

Continuous success

Last May, the company obtained additional $15 million funding from investors. Pebble Smartwatches also rolled out an update of its open software development kit or SDK to facilitate two-way communication between the smartwatch and a connected smartphone.

That SDK is currently known as PebbleKit. It basically enables third-party developers to generate apps that would send as well as receive information. The Pebble Sports API, on the other hand, allows similar GPS functionality for fitness tracking as RunKeeper, which is popular on other fitness and sports apps.

By July of this year, Pebble obtained 275,000 pre-orders. This may indicate that the company’s latest technological endeavors and the initial success of its product are paying off and translating to actual sales figures.

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