Parks Canada Offers Discovery Passes To Celebrate 150th Anniversary

The Parks Canada Discovery Pass is now available! Photo Credits: Twitter/ParksCanada

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian government announced free passes to all national parks this 2017. Visitors with Parks Canada Discovery Pass get free admission to the parks. Pass holders gain free access to all national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas under Parks Canada. Pass holders also receive lockage at the historic canals and waterways of Parks Canada.

Parks Canada Discovery Passes And Other Fees

Regular fees will still apply for other offerings, such as camping, mooring, and backcountry. Also, use of the Canadian Rockies Hot Springs, reservation fees and guided tours with hikes maintain their regular rates, CHCH reported. The news caused the Parks Canada website to crash as interested tourists tried to get as much information. However, one detail that is important to know is that passes are actually not needed.

Visitors without passes will not get repercussions but Parks Canada is still hopeful that people will secure their own passes, Global News reported. Also, those travelling in a group will only need one pass per vehicle. Greg Danchuk of Parks Canada explained that they do not get to interact with many of the visitors. As such, they are not able to provide orientations and give safety and wildlife information. For this reason, they highly encourage their visitors to get their own passes.

Danchuk also added that they have mobile information to share to visitors. In busier areas, Parks Canada will help their visitors move around. The drive seems to be successful as more than 900,000 individuals have applied for free passes. He said that, should they find someone without a pass, they will provide him or her with one. Parks Canada strives to make official passes a habit out of their visitors. This habit will be good for them in future when they visit other national parks, as securing passes is mandatory.

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