Panasonic and Sony jointly develop Archival Disk, the next-generation Optical Disk

Sony and Panasonic have released a new optical disk for storing large data called as Archival Disk. As the name suggests, these disks will be used by enterprises for archiving data in the coming years.

Optical disks are known for their long lasting ability and Sony and Panasonic have jointly formulated this new standard in optical disks to expanding their market for long term storage purposes. This new storage disk will have the same dimensions as a traditional Blu-Ray disk, which is currently one of the commonest optical disks in the market. Also, the initial Archival Disks can store data up to 300GB after which higher capacity versions like 500GB and 1TB disks will make it to the market.

These disks will have three layers on each side and will use a special cross talk cancellation technology to improve playback. The higher storage versions, expected to hit the market by next year will come with advanced tech like multi-level recording technology.

The company adds that optical disks have many advantages over traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drives) and tape media. For example, optical disks are better protected against environment and are more durable than other storage devices. Also, they do not require a regulated temperature or air condition like HDDs.

“As a type of archival media, optical discs have numerous advantages over current mainstream HDD and tape media, such as their ability to be stored for a long time while still maintaining readability,” said a Spokesperson for Panasonic. “We hope to develop demand for archives that use optical discs.”

The company also says that these optical disks will consume less power than other magnetic storage tapes like the ones using LTOs (Linear Tape Open technology).

Archival storage units are gaining popularity in recent times, thanks to the boom in the film industry and the cloud storage market. More data is being handled everyday by large cloud computing centers which means, these centers require more reliable and large storage devices. Both the companies have experience developing and promoting Blu-Ray disks and they plan to actively promote this new product too in a similar manner.

For now, these companies plan to promote the disk for enterprise use only. While talking to the press, Panasonic’s spokesperson said, “We are not currently considering optical discs for household consumer use.”

So, in the coming years, one can expect Archival disks to replace traditional HDDs used by large data centers.

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