Oversharing of Photos Negatively Impact Facebook Users’ Relationships – Study

Oversharing of Photos Negatively Impact Facebook Users’ RelationshipsSharing or over-sharing of photographs on Facebook may pose negative effects on real-life relationships. This is according to findings of a recent study entitled ‘Tagger’s Delight?’ The research has interesting conclusions that may serve as eye-openers to millions of users of the popular social network worldwide.

The joint research by the UK’s University of Birmingham, the University of Edinburgh, and the University West of England cited possible effects of the activity. The study underlined the fact that people who are fond of posting photographs on Facebook may possibly get into fights with other people, especially those who post harsh comments about those pictures. This is because differences among people may create friction and reactions to photos may trigger the emergence of those differences.

Different opinions

The study found that those Facebook users who frequently post pictures online are at greater risk of damaging their real-life relationships. Some close friends and relatives may possibly hold different views on people who constantly share pictures of their selves. The researchers remind Facebook users that pictures are usually viewed by different types of people online. Some people would surely have different opinions about the shared information.

Thus, the study found that most people who share tons of photos on the social network tend to suffer from decreased intimacy and loosened relationships. It also found that partners who post more family photos indicate the presence of sufficient support system in their lives whereas those partners that share more photos of their friends may have problems regarding intimacy.

Ad campaigns

The negative impact may also extend to advertising campaigns that ask their fans to take and post photos of their selves with the products. Again, those pictures may draw unlikely opinions and comments, which may eventually result to tainted relationships among families, spouses, friends, and colleagues.

Thus, some experts advise people to take a broader mindset when gathering and receiving opinions about the pictures they post on social networks. They should be reminded that not all people would share their own views. Because Facebook users are diverse, its users have to understand that opinions would surely differ.

Thus, if you are among those who may not take criticisms and bad comments constructively and easily, you may have to refrain from posting more pictures of yourself. It is not bad to post photos on Facebook. But when one is overdoing it, it certainly would get annoying and funny. No one wants to be an object of ridicule.

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