OUYA to release 12 new games at GDC 2014

Ouya, the famous Android based gaming console maker will release 12 new games at the Game Developer’s Conference to be held next week at San Francisco. The 12 new titles will consist of multiplayer games, experimental ones and even the famous Kickstarter funded game, Broken Age.

Being an Android console, thousands of games found on the Android app store are compatible with the device. In fact, almost all of the games which one can play on their smartphones and tablets work on the console.

The benefit of playing with the console is that it’s specifically built for gaming, which gives much better controls to the user as compared to other smartphones and tablets which are not known for its gaming abilities. But, these gaming titles are not just limited to existing Android games as there have been special OUYA exclusive titles released in the past.

One such exclusive game is the ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ title. The game is based on the story of Ryan and Amy Green’s experience raising their son Joel, who is fighting terminal cancer. In the game, the players get to relive the various experiences of the parents like their memories, joys, heartaches and hope. Unfortunately, before they could release the game officially, Joel passed away on March 13, which also means that they would not be available at the booth next week.

Another exclusive game coming to OUYA is the new Cascade title from Fayju. They are the same guys who created the hit game Amazing Frog last year. The game allows players to explore different connected worlds and save them from a possible Cascade of annihilation.

As mentioned above, the Kickstarter success, Broken Age too is making its way to the console this spring. A new demo will be available to try out at OUYA’s booth during the conference.

The full list of 12 titles to be unveiled at the conference is as given below:·


DUCK GAME Landon – Podbielski

THAT DRAGON, CANCER – Ryan Green and Josh Larson



LAZA KNITEZ!! – Glitchnap


THRALLED – Thralled Team

BROKEN AGE – Double Fine

WHISPERING WILLOWS – Night Light Interactive

KNIGHT & DAMSEL – MK Ultra Games

One can get hands on with these games and can even chat with their developers at Booth 316 during the Conference in San Francisco.

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