Orlando Mass Shooting: FBI Arrests Killer’s Wife

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FBI has now arrested 30-year-old Noor Salman. Salman is Omar Mateen’s wife. Mateen is the same man, who killed 49 and injured many more in Pulse night club in Orlando. While Salman has maintained her lack of knowledge about Mateen’s Orlando massacre plans, authorities think otherwise. Authorities do not believe her story and have charged her for aiding and abetting Mateens’s support to ISIS. They have also slapped her with a charge of obstruction of justice.

Those, who have been following the case believe that the authorities are sure that Salman helped her husband in one way or the other. However, they had to be careful while charging her. An article in Fox News states that US Attorney in Florida and attorneys within the Department of Justice wanted to charge Salman for directly supporting the ISIS. They also wanted to charge her for helping the extremist organization through Mateen. However, due to lack of support from the Acting Assistant Attorney General, authorities charged her with obstruction of justice as well as aiding Mateen’s support to ISIS.

An article in CNN adds that officials claim Salman’s claims that Mateen abused her and that she lived in fear did not stand up. They believe that she acted on her own and took steps to obstruct justice. They also add that evidence will prove that Salman knew that her husband would probably do something bad.

Salman will appear in the court on Tuesday. John W. Mina, Orlando’s police chief issued a statement following Salman’s arrest saying that he was ‘glad to see’ that the woman was arrested. His statement added nothing can erase the pain that everyone felt after the senseless shootings. However, knowing that someone will be held accountable for the crime gives some relief, states an article in the New York Times.
Salman’s family attorney Linda Moreno too issued a statement reiterating that Salman indeed was unaware of Mateen’s intentions. She added that the decision to prosecute her is misguided and “dishonors the memories of the victims.”

Noor Salman and Omar Mateen

According to a report in the New York Times Salman grew up in a multicultural block in California. She and Mateen married each other in 2011. However, theirs had been an abusive relationship, where Mateen repeatedly beat and verbally abused his wife. Her attorney and Mateen’s family believe that she really did not know of Mateen’s plans.

However, Disney officials had already reported the duo, when they took their three-year-old son to Disney first in April 2016. She also claims that she did not find anything fishy when Mateen brought some ammunition home days before the killings. This is because, according to Salman, Mateen was a security guard.

On the day of the massacre Mateen made 16 calls, state media reports. Of these, three were made to 911, one to a local news service. He pledged his support for ISIS during this call and in one of his Facebook posts made during the attack. He also pledged more attacks and texted Salman while shooting people.

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