Organ Harvesting China 2016: Political Prisoners Killed For Their Organs

Alleged Chinese surgeons harvesting organs. Photo Credits: Screen grabbed from YouTube/TheLipTV

Considered as a human rights violation, organ harvesting China 2016 reports have once again circulated. Otherwise known as ‘organ transplantation,’ China has been the home to one of the largest organ transplantation programs in the world. 

In its true form, specific organs are sold on demand to those in need. However, the practice becomes tricky when claims of systematic non-voluntary organ harvesting are becoming widespread. With growing concerns and ethical abuses arising, numerous international organizations have called on to abandon the practice. 

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Spearheaded by David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State, illegal organ harvesting reports have been the center of human rights issues. With the practice still widespread in China, here are the things that need to be known about the gruesome practice.

Organ Harvesting by the numbers

In line with his efforts to make the practice known, Kilgour and his associates published a report that represented figures from hospitals across China. The report, known as Bloody Harvest & The Slaughter, has shown extreme discrepancy of official figures associated with organ transplantation.

According to the Communist Party, the total number of organ transplants reaches about 10,000 per year. However, data from the biggest hospitals in mainland China have proven otherwise. Kilgour’s report estimates that over 60,000-100,000 organs are transplanted every year.

Due to the wide gap, questions on the discrepancy have risen. But more importantly, human rights organizations are now questioning the source of all these organs.

Organ harvesting China 2016 from prisoners

The discrepancy has pointed to the harsh reality that the illegal organ harvesting is still widespread in China. In fact, The New York Post reports claims “the Chinese government has admitted that the organs of death-row prisoners have been used for transplants.”

Kilgour’s report and numerous witnesses have claimed that bulk of the organs coming out of China, may be taken from prisoners.

Allegedly, practitioners of Falun Gong are the main source of these illegal organs. Through the years, the spiritual practice of Falun Gong has been banned and ridiculed by the Chinese government. Even though members do not commit heinous or capital crimes, Falun Gong practitioners have been subjugated to the horrific practice. An estimates mentions that over 64,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been victimized by illegal organ harvesting.

Additionally, the WHO and other leading human rights organizations have publicly denounced the illegal organ trade. The Transplantation Society (TTS) also mentioned that organ harvesting strips individuals their right for a voluntary decision. 

With the recent Organ Harvesting China 2016 developments, expect international organizations to clamp down on the inhumane practice.

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