Online Retailers Offer New Form of Post-Christmas Deals: Gift Cards for Delayed Shipments

Online Retailers Offer New Form of Post-Christmas DealsA day after Christmas, announced that it would start offering restitution to make up for some aggrieved customers, who had complained about delayed shipments of their orders. The idea is obviously to console online consumers whose orders were not fulfilled just in time for Christmas Day.

The Internet-based retailer said it would offer $20 worth of gift cards to those customers who were not able to receive their orders in time for the holiday. It would also waive shipping costs to those customers. That may indicate that the company is really serious in its commitment to deliver goods on time this season. However, it refused to give an estimate about how many of those orders were not delivered on time.

Shipment companies

According to some analysts, those delayed shipments were not entirely to be blamed on Amazon. FedEx and UPS both humbly admitted their fault. The shipping companies explained that they got overwhelmed by the huge volume of ordered packages for this season, which according to them ‘far exceeded’ expectations.

For its part, UPS said that it did it best to stick to timetables. But it added that demand soared up greater than its own forecast. At the same time, the company blamed inclement weather as a strong factor that caused most of the delays. It should be noted that as early as December 24, UPS has already released an advisory that it would not be able to deliver all goods on time for December 25.

Online shopping for the season

According to experts, many Americans opted to go online for a greater proportion of their holiday shopping spree this year. The acceleration obviously took many online stores off guard. It is not surprising online sales of those retailers rose significantly this season than expected.

According to the US Commerce Department, e-commerce transactions usually account for around 6% of total US retail sales. But this holiday season, it is estimated that online purchases have soared to 14% of overall sales for the holidays. The National Retail Federation backs that estimate.

Other online retailers like Kohl’s Corp and Wal-Mart Stores have announced their own post-Christmas deals for aggrieved customers. Kohl’s has declared that it would refund the full cost of every item that was not delivered on time in the last few days. For Wal-Mart, it would be $25 gift cards that would be distributed to customers who failed to receive their packaged orders in Christmas.

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