OnePlus One to get rid of the invite system by October

OnePlus One to get rid of the invite system by OctoberOnePlus One, the smartphone which managed to impress both experts and consumers alike had one big problem. You couldn’t just go to a retailer and buy the device as the company followed a strict invite only policy for processing its orders. This meant that even if you wanted to get your hands on this value for money device, you would need an invite first. This naturally irritated a lot of fans, and many even criticized the company for their policy.

However, there’s one good news for fans worldwide. The company in a recent AMA or Ask Me Anything event on Reddit said that it was planning to remove the invite only policy and would soon start accepting
pre-orders for the device.

Naturally the question about a pre-order system in the future popped up at the event and the company replied to the user that it was working hard to develop such a system but had to delay it due to some minor difficulties.

“We are working on a pre-orders system, we were initially aiming for September but it’s been slightly delayed, hopefully we’ll be ready to launch it in October.”

Fans would have loved it for sure if they could have just pre-ordered it this month, but looks like all of us will have to wait for a few more months to officially pre-order one from the website.

While this comes as welcome news for all OnePlus One fans, we think this system might be a little too late. One of the many reasons why OnePlus One was successful was the timing of its launch. Many of the major smartphone manufacturers had announced their devices way back in Q1 2014, which left the Q2 2014 launch window open for others.

OnePlus successfully managed to take advantage of this timing by announcing the One back in April. With perfect timing and incredible specs at a very low price, it wasn’t a surprise that the device was an instant hit.

But this invite only policy may have reduced the overall success of the smartphone. Fans are still waiting for their invites and many of them are starting to look for other options.

With many new smartphones expected to hit the market in the coming months, even with a new pre-order system, the smartphone may not be as sell as well as expected. Samsung, Apple and even Motorola are going to launch their flagship devices in the next few months, which means the device, will have a few more flagship devices to compete with.

Still, at $299, OnePlus One is the best value for money device that you’ll get in the market.

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