‘One Can Never Kill In God’s Name’: Pope Francis

Pope Francis send messages relevant to the issues of today. Photo Credit: Twitter/RT

Pope Francis made his annual address on Monday.  He revealed that his movement for peace will be even stronger this year and will become his top priority.  He also challenges all religions to reject killing in the name of God.  

Pope Francis particularly challenged all religious leaders of all kinds of faith to reject that killing in the name of God is justifiable, no matter what.  The Pope referred to the numerous terrorist attacks and violent acts that happened the previous years.  It devastated countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Nigeria and many others.  Pope Francis added, that these events are a madness that uses the name of God to publicize death in their quest for power.  

Pope Francis: His crusade on propagating kindness

The Pope will continue with his promise to gap bridges between different faiths.  In fact, last year, he visited the mosque of Baku in Azerbaijan.  He also met with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in Cuba.  He also visited Armenia and Georgia, which are countries that emphasizes more on Catholic/Orthodox relations, according to CRUX.

In addition, the Pope said that fundamentalist terrorism is the fruit of spiritual and social poverty.  He believes that religious and political leaders can come together in a joint effort to successfully  defeat it, reports Yahoo News.  Pope Francis explains that religious leaders make sure that the believers do not separate fear of God from love their neighbor.  Politicians, on the other hand, should bring about religious freedom and to help society incorporate it in their lives.  

The Pope also discussed several other topics.  He talked about the predicament of the migrants who are still seeking better lives in other countries who they believe can offer it to them.  Pope Francis’ papal theme has always been poverty in all forms, and his determination to end it is endless.

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