Omate X is a cheap and long lasting companion smartwatch

Omate X is a cheap and long lasting companion smartwatchCurrently, there are only a handful of standalone smartwatches in the market and out of these, Omate’s Truewatch can be considered as one of the best. The same company has just announced another  smartwatch around a year later and this time, it’s a companion smartwatch which will be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Omate X will be the company’s first companion smartwatch which will directly take on competitors like Pebble Steel and Android Wear smartwatches. While it does not come with many of the features as seen on the Truewatch, Omate X is much cheaper and long lasting than last year’s model.

According to the company, Truewatch was made for outdoor use when a smartphone was not accessible to the user. However, Omate X is designed to be worn all the time. Omate said that while Truwatch may have fulfilled just 10 percent of the needs of the user, the new smartwatch will cater to the rest 90 percent.

The overall polished metal design of the smartwatch gives it a premium look. The watch comes with a curved touch screen with sapphire coating for protection. While the original strap that comes with the  smartwatch is made out of genuine leather, you can replace it with any other 22mm strap to suit your requirements.

On the front, there’s a 1.54 inch touch screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Inside, there’s a Mediatek SoC with ARM processor and 128MB RAM. While the specs are just average, it’s enough to carry out the day to day functions of the user.

There’s a 400 mAh battery inside the watch, which the company claims will be enough for almost a week’s usage. However, we can’t really verify the claim until the watch hits the market.

Unlike the last year’s model which ran on Android, Omate X will have a new operating system which will be compatible with both Android as well as iOs smartphones.

The watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and receives notifications like incoming calls, messages, emails, reminders etc. You can even control the music player on your phone like other  smartwatches.

Coming to the price, Omate X will set you back $129. This price tag is much lower than the regular pebble smartwatch which retails for $150 or even the Pebble steel model which is almost double this price.

Pre-orders start from September 1st, when the company is expected to host an event for the official launch of the smartwatch.

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