NVIDIA Shield Tablet 32GB LTE Version up for pre-order at $399

NVIDIA Shield Tablet 32GB LTE Version up for pre-order at $399NVIDIA announced its Shield Gaming tablet earlier this year, but at the time of launch you could only get a 16GB Wi-Fi only version. While the tablet came with enough storage for a few games at a very aggressive price, some felt that they needed much more room to store their favorite titles.

For them, NVIDIA has released a 32GB model which also comes with LTE support. This means that you can anytime play your favorite games, or even browse internet at high speeds. The device just went up for pre-order today and we are sure fans will be happy to hear this news.

The larger storage variant costs just $100 more than the base model which starts at $299. We are sure most users won’t mind the extra cost given that you have to pay around the same price for an upgrade in most other devices.

So you get the 32GB LTE version at $399 which is a great price given the specifications and features of the device. You get an 8inch 1920 x 1200 resolution display up front with NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad Core processor clocked at 2.2Ghz. There’s 2GB RAM onboard along with 16GB/ 32GB storage options. On the front as well as the rear, there’s 5MP camera. While most other features are pretty much standard, NVIDIA has priced it aggressively which makes it a great buy.

Although the company has not given out any sales figure for the tablet, we hear that the retailers were having a hard time keeping it in stock. With the LTE version up for grabs that too at just $100 more, we are sure that the tablet will be in demand for some more months to come.

NVIDIA has also announced a number of customized games for the tablet like Beach Buggy Racing and Bomb Squad. Beach Buggy Racing is the next version of the popular Beach Buggy Blitz and is an off road Kart racing action game which supports up to 4 local players at a time. On the other hand, up to 8 people can play at a time on Bomb Squad where each player tries to blow one another. There’s also a game called Broadsword: Age of Chivalry where users can play as French or English and built their own empires.

Pre-orders start today for the 32 GB LTE model in US and Europe. The device will start shipping from September 30th.

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