Nokia’s 1 million pre-order claim for Nokia X may be misleading

Just a few days ago, Nokia via its official twitter account tweeted that the company had registered over 1 million pre-orders for its latest Nokia X smartphone. While this is a tremendous achievement for the company, some websites claim that this figure may be wrong.

1 million pre-orders in just 4 days sounds too good to be true especially for a smartphone that doesn’t come with top notch specs. So, even though the company may have received one million pre-orders in total, this does not mean there are 1 million unique orders. It may happen that actually, when the device goes for sale on March 25th, the company may see much less actual purchases., the website which keeps a tally of the number of pre-orders of the device also gives the same figure as Nokia, but given that a user can pre-order the device more than once, this data may not be entirely true. While pre-ordering, the user does not have to fill out any form or pay an initial amount, which means that they can order it many number of times.

 Also, the website is reportedly running a contest, wherein the customer can pre-order the phone once for every color. Now, there are three available colors namely black, white and green, which means that the user can pre-order it 3 times at the most.  So, there may be a large number of users who have pre-ordered it thrice, which means that the figure is deceiving. This actually sounds logical, as receiving almost 1 million pre-orders within 4 days sounds too good to be true.

The specifications of the device are nothing extra-ordinary. It comes with the same features as a traditional budget Android device, but its selling point is the Nokia build. After staying away from Android from almost 5 years, the company has decided to try out its luck with the Android platform. Given that Nokia is known for its solid build quality, people are actually looking forward to taste the OS on a different model.

Furthermore, the device sells for under $100, which is a pretty decent figure for a budget smartphone. So, users may actually think of trying out this device instead of other budget devices from manufacturers like Sony and LG. However, even this does not justify the unbelievable response for the phone, which may mean that the actual orders on March 25 will be far less than the estimated pre-order figure.

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