Nokia X gets its very first AOSP custom ROM

The long rumored Nokia X smartphone was released back in February and with it came several Nokia exclusive applications like Nokia Maps and a forked version of Android. This special version like Amazon’s Kindle range did not have Google Play store or any of Google’s Android applications, so anyone who purchased the device would have a different experience than regular Android users.

While this can be its unique selling point, not all are happy with a custom user interface. Some people are just looking for a stock Android experience on a budget price and thanks to the folks over at XDA, now Nokia X users can have the vanilla Android experience that they always wanted.

Nokia X has just got its very own custom AOSP ROM based on the existing Aurora AOSP. The developer known by the name, dhacker29 has tweaked the ROM to work with the new Nokia smartphone and even claims most of its features are working. So, important things like Bluetooth, Camera, FM radio, GPS, media playback and even multi SIM support are up and running which means users can fearlessly replace the existing OS with this AOSP ROM.

The few things that not working are audio out during calls and sensors. But developers at XDA are pretty fast in development and hence, these issues should be fixed easily. Also, given that most of the features work and there are very few issues detected, users can use this ROM as their daily driver too.

The existence of a single navigation button, i.e. the back button should create problems while using the OS but luckily there are two builds available, so users can use the custom software navigation buttons for operating the interface.

The steps to install the ROM on the device are given on the XDA page. They look pretty straight forward and anyone who has installed a custom ROM on their device before should have no problems flashing Nokia X. Unfortunately, the ROM is based on Android 4.1.2 Jellybean version, which is pretty old as compared to current standards. However, as development gains momentum, more ROMs, even ones based on the latest Android 4.4 OS are expected to make way for the device.

Once there are many ROMs available for Nokia X, customers will have a lot more reason to buy this budget device. The phone already comes with great looks and an exceptional price tag, so a custom stock operating system should definitely attract new users to the device.

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