Nokia 8 Will Be Apple And Samsung’s Greatest Rival: Here’s Why

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Shawn | Nokia 8 soon to be launched this 2017. Photo Credit: Twitter/Shawn

The Nokia  company announced their Nokia flagship phone just a few days ago.  Now, many are expecting it to beat Apple and Samsung.  But, the new handset referred to as Nokia 6 targets the Chinese market, specifically.  One of these days, Nokia may also launch newer handsets to keep up.  And, one of them is the Nokia 8, which others believe could rival that of Apple’s and Samsung’s handsets.

The GSM Arena reportedly spotted a Nokia 8 at CES 17.  they used the dummy phone to demonstrate its Qualcommnext-gen Snapdragon 835 processor.  This kind of processor is capable of powering Android devices, even the Samsung Galaxy 8.  during the demo, Qualcomm urged the attendees of the event not to take pictures of the product.  

Further, the Snapdragon 835 processor has 6GB RAM, 64/128GB RAM, microSD support, 24-megapixel camera that has optical image stabilization and EIS.  It will also have a 12 megapixel camera, perfect for taking selfies and worthy of capturing scenic views.  It will also have a dual front-facing speaker, reports BGR.

Other things you need to know about Nokia 8

But, according to reports, the Nokia 8 will not only come with the Snapdragon 835 but with Snapdragon 821 as well.  The one with the Snapdragon 821 is more affordable and has a lower-end kind of camera.  The Nokia 8 will only have 4 GB RAM, according to GSM Arena, which is not that bad after all.

The Nokia 8 pretty much looks similar to the Nokia 6.  They fashioned the handset’s design mainly from a piece of metal for a more luxurious kind of visual and feel.  It also has additional buttons, a symbol that the product has improved.  Before they gave the name Nokia 8, there were also other suggestions like Nokia P1.  But, others believed that the P1 stood for prototype, at that time.

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