Nintendo Wii U Game System Showing Rapidly Decreasing Sales

Nintendo Wii U Game System Showing Rapidly Decreasing SalesWii U sales declined 51% during second quarter with Nintendo reporting only 160,000 units shipping out during the period.

Much of this reported loss was attributed to struggling developers as the company learns to work with new technologies deigned for the Wii U. The system hit stores last winter season but many of its key titles such as Pikmin 3, Game & Wario and the Wonderful 101 struggled with in-game development and pushed back released dates.

Though the company has sold over 3.61 million units since its November 2012 release, Nintendo acknowledged it was struggling against Smartphone gaming platforms and expected initial losses on the Wii U. The company still launched its newest system on time to encourage sales but delays in popular game titles have pushed sales into a rapid downward spiral.

Despite the hardware leap and its complications, the long awaited titles are now releasing in the US and Nintendo is optimistic for this new quarter. Combined with the upcoming release of ‘Super Mario 3D world’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker HD’, Nintendo plans to see a revival of sales and positive numbers as third quarter winds to a close.

The two next-generation consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4 are set to release forth quarter of 2013 providing even more stiff competition for Wii U as the companies plan for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

The Wii U system is the next-generation of Wii gaming consoles using many of latest technologies in the gaming industry. The Wii U consists of on screen and controller based game play while still keeping the company’s signature design of interactive game play. Price has also declined allowing a Wii U to be purchased at $299.99 for the basic package.

In addition to new titles releasing for the system, the Wii U will be the only next-generation console available this upcoming shopping season that is backwards compatible and allows for users to enjoy new Wii titles as well. Nintendo plans to release titles for both systems well into 2014 in addition to an increasing number of downloadable titles available through the E-store.

Regardless of the delay, Nintendo looks forward to a positive 3rd and 4th quarter as it still continues to provide family-friendly games and a slew of extras on its next-generation and current consoles. Most recent reports indicate that the original Wii system continues to outsell the Wii U in current markets.

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