Nikon Corp Launches AW1 Underwater Camera

AW1 Underwater Camera

Nikon Corp has unveiled its latest underwater camera. The Japanese camera manufacturer recently introduced its new AW1. It may not be the first underwater camera that comes with interchangeable lenses from the company but its predecessor includes the cameras from the Nikonos system and 35mm film devices.

Through AW1, Nikon said photographers don’t anymore need to invest in costly underwater housing. The camera could render much higher quality of images compared to the outputs of cheaper alternative options in the market, including the Olympus Tough TG-2 his.

Basic features

As a 14-megapixel camera, AW1 could shoot photographs and videos even if it is immersed in water. It could still be functional when submerged until 49 feet down underwater. It could survive even if it is dropped from 6.6 feet above. The waterproof camera could still be functional even if the temperature drops to as low as 14ºF.

The new camera model has pop-up flash that could work even underwater. Photographers may invest in specialized lenses that work under water to further bolster AW1’s features. Two of those recommended lenses are simultaneously launched with the system. There is an Action button situated at the right side of the camera to facilitate adjustment of shooting settings through taps of a single button.

‘Geotagging’ and connectivity

AW1 has GPS capability that is built-in within itself. This would facilitate ‘geotagging’ of all the photos taken using the camera. It even features a depth gauge, an altimeter, a virtual horizon, and an electronic compass. Its image sensor as well as processor is identical to those that are integrated into Nikon 1 J3 as well as Nikon V2.

Although the new underwater camera does not come with Wi-Fi connectivity, photographers could always easily add WU-1b adapter for transferring files into any iOS or Android device.

More features

Moreover, the AW1 has all the features that are identified with Nikon 1. Those include the Motion Snapshot, which facilitates combination of short slow-motion video with still images. Not to be overlooked are the Smart Photo Selector, the Best Moment Capture, and the Slow View features that all facilitate capturing of best shots.

Nikon intends to release AW1 to the market next month. The camera would be sold for $799.95 for the option with 11-27.5mm lens, while a version with 11-27.5mm as well as 10mm lenses would be available for $999.95. The camera would be available in white, silver, and black casing colors.

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