Nigerian Military Kills 50 People By Mistake

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Doctors w/o Borders | Accidental bombing kills 50 in Nigeria. Photo Credit: Twitter/Doctors w/o Borders

The Nigerian army bombed a northeastern refugee camp by mistake on Tuesday. About 50 people died during the mistaken attack. The victims were survivors who fled the Islamist militants.  But the pilots mistook them as Boko Haram fighters.

The incident happened in the town in Rann, closest to the Cameroon border. It is also the border wherein most of the survivors of the Boko Haram attacks sought refuge. It is also considered one of the largest refugee camps with about 2 million occupants.

The bombing injured 100 people, according to The Washington Post. Among the casualties  were humanitarian aids.  They risked their lives helping the refugees who survived the Boko Haram attacks. Red Cross spokeswoman, Aleksandra Matijevic, also revealed that some of the injured are the volunteer workers as well. They arrived on Tuesday to give food and necessary aid to the refugees, says BBC.

Regrets always come later

Despite what happened, Matijevic and the rest of the Red Cross team will continue to bring humanitarian aid to the victims. They are also deeply saddened.  They are grieving, together with the families over the loss of their fellow volunteers.

A spokesman for the Nigerian army, Gen Rabe Abubakar, was also deeply in pain.  The army’s jet fighters also felt the same thing when they realized their mistake.  According to him, they detected the presence of the Boko Haram in the area and sought them out to finish them. The military realized their mistake.  UPon realization, they felt great pain over the loss of such lives.

Abubakar said that in military operations, these things do happen. They regret what occurred and rest assured, the incident was never intended to happen. Gen Lucky Irabor, however, saw it fit that there should be an investigation over the incident. Irabor is the commander in counter-surgency operations in the northeast.

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