NFL Rolls Out New Unified Mobile App

NFL Rolls Out New Unified Mobile AppThe National Football League (NFL) has launched its new mobile app for football fans on iOS, BlackBerry, and Android Windows devices. The move comes as the league gears up for its new football season. It is targeting NFL fans out there who always want to get updates and other information about the games.

NFL Mobile app is actually a ‘unified’ app as it replaces and combines two apps of the league that used to exist across different platforms. First, it has the features of its former cross-carrier app that used to provide scores, news, highlight clips, and other information. Second, it has integrated the main function of a former Verizon-made app, which provides subscribers the opportunity to possibly watch selected live games.

The NFL has combined the two apps for it to take greater control over the digital service. Thus, if a follower watches a live game on mobile, he would be dealing directly with the NFL instead of with Verizon. However, the telecom carrier still retains its control of the mobile rights.

Accessible for free

What should interest most NFL fans is the fact that the NFL Mobile app is distributed for free. Users could enjoy taking access to news, video clips, and scores without any charge. Verizon mobile customers could opt to watch entire games through smartphones for just $5 monthly, which would also provide free access to NFL RedZone and NFL Network content.

However, the NFL clarifies that the Verizon free game streaming service would only feature coverage by NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, respectively. Sunday afternoon games, which comprise most of TV coverage for the entire season, belong to Fox and CBS, which both have their own mobile streaming services that could never be accessed through NFL Mobile app.

Not covering tablets

The new NFL Mobile app from Verizon would also not cover tablets. That is because licenses for tablet services are usually held by cable companies. Customers of Time Warner Cable for instance, could watch NFL Network and RedZone broadcasts for free. They would not be able to watch the live stream of games from NBC and ESPN.

NFL has admitted that it is having a hard time getting all parties agree to cooperate for this special app. However, the league thinks that would be set to change in about 12 months when the entire licensing setup is changed.

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