Nexus 7 teardown for 2013: wireless charging, easy repair

Nexus 7 teardown for 2013Google’s newly released second generation Nexus 7 received a 7 out of 10 repairability score after undergoing a tear down from iFixit. Nexus & second generation is notably, thinner, narrower, and taller compared to the previous generation. It also lacked the texture at the back which a lot of people complained about in the first one.

Getting the device open is fairly simple according to iFixit. You don’t have to deal with so much glue unlike some other tablets. The process is just as simple as removing the back cover of a cellphone. A plastic tool is used to pry open the back panel, though iFixit noted that they cracked the back panel cover even when they were extra careful with. The first thing that is visible when you open it is the battery, the presence of an inductive coil was also noted – though expected, considering that wireless charging was one of the features it boasts. In order to remove the battery, two seals that are warranty voiding would need to be broken. After breaking the seals, you then have to battle through very sticky glue to be able to remove the battery from its tray. However, after surpassing the battery, the motherboard together with daughterboard is pretty much easier to remove. It is then followed by the front and also the rear camera.

After the boards have been removed, only the speakers and also the wifi antenna are left. Both are really easy to access. IFixit says that Nexus 7 is an easy to open and repair kind of tablet. The advantage of it is that it is easy to open the rear case and all the screws that are used inside are Philips variety. The battery is a little bit of an advantage also, taking note that only glue was used for it. Then the disadvantage comes, the only thing that they didn’t like is the front glass, since it will have to be placed with a heat gun to be able to replace the LCD.

Regarding the silicon and components inside the tablet, it was noted that iFixit found an inductive coil that can be used for wireless charging. IFixit stated that it was the first time that they ever saw one used on a tablet. Having it there should not come as a surprise, according to Google, when they say that it has built in wireless charging, that means you can charge, grab, and go, which is quite a catchy statement for people on the go.

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