Nexus 5 Accidentally Appears in Google Play

Nexus 5 Accidentally Appears in Google PlayGoogle Inc’s upcoming Nexus 5 was briefly listed on the company’s Play Store. That was ahead of an expected and anticipated release in the next few weeks. However, that listing seemed to be just an accident. That was because it was pulled down several hours after the posting.

However, the short listing of the upcoming flagship Android smartphone proved to be long enough for many people to know more about the new device. It has indicated that the handset would take a price tag of $349 for a 16GB version and would run on Android 4.4, also known as KitKat, mobile operating system.

Nexus 5 is believed to be a replacement of the currently popular Android phone Nexus 4, which in turn was produced as collaboration between Google and consumer electronics firm LG. It was touted as a high-end smartphone coming at an affordable price, something that was obviously set to entice more customers.

More information about Nexus 5

Moreover, official photographs of Nexus 5 were leaked. Those have confirmed several leaks as well as rumors that have appeared in the past few months. It was confirmed that the new device would measure 4.95 inches.

Before this accidental listing, various reports and speculations have indicated that the new smartphone would operate on Android 4.4, which would be a first. The appearance of the icon of Google Hangout on the smartphone’s start screen seems to be a confirmation.

Also based on the images accidentally posted on Google Play recently, it was confirmed that Nexus 5’s front view resembles LG G2, which went on sale in September. Most of the sophisticated technologies that were presented in Nexus 4 are also expected to make up Nexus 5.

Hints from KitKat

There are reports and hints that Nexus 5 would finally be launched this month along with KitKat, the new Android operating system. This is based on Twitter posts by Google’s partner Nestle, which makes the KitKat brand of chocolate sandwich (Yes, the new operating system was co-branded).

If the Nexus 5 launch date would coincide with the anniversary of Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 last year, Google could be expected to roll out the new smartphone later this month, probably on October 28. There are even clever speculations that tweets from @KitKat may have confirmed that date to also coincide with the release date of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ bio-movie on that same day.

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