New York Times Drops ‘Times’ App; Rolls Out ‘Today’s Paper’ App as Replacement

New York Times Todays Paper AppIf you are regularly reading the New York Times through its Web app ‘Times,’ you should know by now that the major newspaper is ditching it. But there is no need to worry because the company has launched ‘Today’s Paper’ as its new app.

It turns out that ‘Times’ app was experimental after all. In a statement, the New York Times said that immediately after its original app was launched, they discovered that its most popular section, Today’s Paper, had the potential to standout as a separate product.

Today’s Paper app is a digital version of the newspaper itself. What makes it different is that it retains the layout of the actual physical newspaper that is being released each day. This is purposely done to retain the thrill of reading the definitive daily edition.

Print edition online

Thus, it features each section, article, and photo that appears on the newspaper edition. But wait, there’s more. The app also contains the Website’s multimedia content. It surely has become a single place where all the features that matter are contained. Readers who enjoy reading the print version could now take the same experience through their tablet or even any Web browser.

Today’s Paper is exclusively available to subscribers of home delivery and This app facilitates access to the last seven editions of the newspaper. Users are also able to save an edition that they can read even if they go offline. However, just one edition at a time could be downloaded.

App accessibility

The Times app was originally launched for iPad in September 2012. The beta version served as an experimental edition. Now, Today’s Paper is New York Times’ official digital version. It works on various browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. It is also optimized for Android tablets, iOS and Windows devices, as well as for Mac and PC desktops. However, it is not yet compatible with Kindle Fire’s Silk and Firefox. It is also not optimized for smartphones.

The New York Times said the new reading experience facilitated by Today’s Paper app is part of the company’s ongoing development of new and more valuable digital products. The media company aims to offer its subscribers many other innovations in accessing news and other content. The new app is now available for downloading across various platforms.

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