New Website Promises to Identify Unknown People in Photographs

Identify Unknown People in PhotographsFor those who want to know more about unknown people in photographs, there is a new Website that promises to do just that. It is called ‘Faceifi.’ It is a UK-based startup site supported by Ground Six. It is expected to create controversy soon because of its unique and interesting features.

Users may simply upload a picture to its platform. The goal would be to identify anonymous people and find out more about them. In its online site, Faceifi describes itself as a social facial recognition service. It commits to discover more about people using just pictures. It would also facilitate other people to discover and identify its users.

The Website is still in its early phase trial period. However, there is already an iOS version that could be downloaded and tested. The company disclosed that it is already working on another version specifically for Android devices. It aims to roll out more widely to become another popular Website, social network, or mobile app.

Simple function

The essence of Faceifi would be very simple but at the same time complicated. It aims to provide more information about anyone just by taking his picture. Once that photograph is uploaded to the system, Faceifi would use its resources not just to identify that person but also to provide more information about him.

With that premise, many people are now raising concerns over online privacy issues. But the company is quick to assert that it could actually help users maintain their sense of online privacy through letting them choose a link or create a profile where others would be directed if ever others search for information about them. A user could possibly opt to direct searches about him to his social media profile, his personal blog, or his product Website.


Thus, users are given the power to make and choose their preferred representations of their selves. In this regard, Faceifi may not breach online privacy of individuals. People could take control of how they would be viewed and identified. This way, they could still protect their privacy. But that could be another issue over the accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of the site.

Another possible setback of the service is that it may only identify pictures of people who are registered users of it. That is why the usefulness of Faceifi may depend on the total volume of its users. It would be successful if it becomes popular among Internet users.

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