New Samsung Smart TVs in 2015 will be powered by Tizen

New Samsung Smart TVs in 2015 will be powered by TizenFrom the past few years, Samsung has been increasing trying to replace Android with its own Tizen. We have seen a few products based on this OS recently including new smartwatches. In fact, this year, we saw more Tizen based smartwatches than Android ones from Samsung, clearly indicating the company’s preference towards this home grown OS.

Now, a new range of Samsung products will run Tizen. Samsung announced today that all the new smart television products to be released in 2015 will be powered by Tizen operating system. Smart TVs are known for their additional connectivity features such as video streaming and web browsing and these new TV models will now use Tizen instead of Google’s Android OS to power these features. This move is not surprising given that the company had showcased Smart TVs running Tizen back at its developer conference in 2014.

“We are focusing our efforts on Tizen right now, “Kim Hyun-suk, the president of Samsung’s display business, told Reuters in an interview. “We hope that other TV makers will also use it and help build an ecosystem that will help the platform grow.”

Samsung has been developing this OS for quite some time now, but it has still not received much attention from other manufacturers. In fact, even though Samsung, one of the top device manufacturers in the world completely supports this platform, they have yet to officially release a good Tizen based smartphone in the market. This has further added doubts on the platform’s viability for a wide scale release.

At the same time, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems are growing at an incredible pace. There are millions of apps on each of this platform’s marketplace with sometimes hundreds of alternatives for popular categories. It would take years and thousands of app developers to reach this figure. Even Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform which was released a few years back is struggling to keep up with these two OSes. Tizen has to compete with these three along with a number of new operating systems that have debuted or are going to debut in the coming months. For example, Mozilla’s Firefox and Canonical’s Ubuntu for Phone looks promising, especially for low-end and mid-range smartphones, which is probably what the Samsung’s Tizen based smartphone (which is going to launch soon) is targeting.

Still, instead of directly competing with Android in the smartphone segment, Tizen can carve out its niche in appliances market for televisions, refrigerators, washing machines etc. It would be interesting to see how Samsung tries to promote Tizen in 2015.

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