New Product ‘Cocoon’ Launches as the ‘Smartest Home Security Device’

New Product ‘Cocoon’ Launches as the ‘Smartest Home Security Device’A new home security product was just launched and can now be pre-ordered through crowdfunding Website IndieGoGo. It is called ‘Cocoon’ and it markets itself as ‘the  smartest home security device’ in the world.

The selling proposition is simple but impressive. The new product is supposed to have the ability to detect possible intruders who may be entering a user’s house or office. Unlike other security devices, this one can detect unlikely visitors even behind closed doors and obscure rooms inside a house.

Distinct feature

Cocoon combined machine learning with infrasound (audio below 20Hz, which in turn can’t be detected by human hearing). This is to make sure that the new product would be  able to monitor an entire property.

The new security device is hardly the size of a typical tennis ball. It also comes with several sensors for detection of intruders anywhere in a house. It uses algorithms that could detect changes in behavior and movements, enabling it to identify unusual movements. Consequently, it would alert the homeowner through smartphone notification.

As a ‘smart’ device, Cocoon could recognize when a homeowner comes in or leaves the property. It could even identify his/her sleeping patterns, setting it apart from other conventional home security products.

Ideal home security device

Cocoon claims to detect if there are people who intrudes a property. It can learn if there are unusual movements inside the house. Through its notification system, it could tip the owner to take proper action and be safe.

As announced, this new and promising device can be pre-ordered for 30 days online. According to sources, it takes an introductory price of about $250 to $300 per unit.

However, because Cocoon is still in the crowdfunding stage, consumers may have to wait until the end of 2015 before they could finally get hold of one. But as early as now, many observers and analysts expect it to face intense competition. Other home security providers may also develop similar or better gadgets to entice consumers amid an increasingly competitive local home security market.

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