New Problems with iPhone 5 Reported by Users

New Problems with iPhone 5 Reported by UsersThough the iPhone 5 was introduced on September 12, 2012 new complaints continue to compile from iPhone 5 users raising concerns for the upcoming iPhone 5s.

With the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5s just around the corner, current iPhone 5 users are continuing to report even more repetitive complications with phones. Many phone fanatics eagerly awaited the launch of Apples premier iPhone 5, pre-ordering the electronic device without previewing the product in advance. Soon after phones reached consumers, a slew of complaints began flooding into Apple and even nearly a year after release and many exchanges, users are still finding multiple problems with new units.

These common problems most recently reported include issues with both hardware and software components of the phone:

  • Hardware problems include overheating and excessive battery drain. Many began reporting this issue after the iOS 6.1 update was released. Reports speculated that this problem may have been due to software issues within the Microsoft Exchange 2010 program. The iOS 6.0 update was intended to fix these issues but many users are still reporting battery drain problems to date.
  • Additional hardware complaints include an aluminum casing that is excessively sensitive to physical damage such as scratches and scuffs though many suggest a quick fix of purchasing cases to resolve the issue. An iPhone 5 that is scratched upon arrival is both unpreventable and frustrating to consumers.
  • A large number of iPhone 5 users have reported hearing a rattling noise which turns out was an error made in haste when apple shipped unknown amounts of phones with improperly set batteries. A small handful of people have also mentioned light leaking out from around the power connector.

Newly reported software problems include date and times not properly updating on phones. Some users are loosing valuable minutes while others have experienced as much as hours in lost time do to the software glitch. Flickering screens, a purple light on photos in bright daylight and even unresponsive touch screens are still being reported from iPhone 5 owners.

The iPhone 5s is scheduled to launch September of 2013 but reports have claimed a possibly of the date being pushed back even more. This is due to the iPhone 5s having many of the reported problems still found in early versions of the iPhone 5 in addition to finger print scanning complications. Reports also state that even if the phone releases by the September date, limited quantities will be available until October or November of this year.

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