New iPhone 6 dummy model image reveals curved glass

New iPhone 6 dummy model image reveals curved glassAlthough Apple’s iPhone will most likely release only by the end of the year, rumors and images of this upcoming device has already surfaced on the internet. This time, it’s Sonny Dickson, who has leaked a new image of the dummy model of the iPhone 6. The website is known to leak legitimate images of upcoming handsets and it’s quite likely that this one too is real.

While all of the previous iPhone generations have retained the traditional design to some extent, this particular dummy version reveals an entirely new design. And if this model turns out to be the final design for the upcoming handset, then iPhone fans will be surprised for sure.

The first noticeable difference is the colored home button on the iPhone dummy. The home button will most likely integrate the fingerprint sensor just like the current generation, but the slightly colored ring on the button is a new design element. But it’s quite possible that this particular design cue does not make it to the final product.

Another interesting feature of this dummy model is that the display looks slightly curved. So, this would be the first time Apple’s iPhone features a curved display. It’s also likely that Apple switches over to Sapphire display from Gorilla Glass. Many analysts have already hinted at this possibility and Sapphire glass with solar charging could very well end up in the next iPhone.

There are lightening and headphone ports at the bottom along with a microphone hole. The power button is on the right side, while the volume keys as well as the nano sim card slot will most likely be on the left side of the model.

On the back side, there is a camera sensor along with a single LED flash. The single LED flash is kind of surprising given that iPhone 5S comes with a dual LED one. So, it’s highly unlikely that the next generation would feature a less powerful single LED flash.

This particular dummy model does not look very big, so it could be the rumored 4.7 inch model. But, according to reports, there’s a larger version in the works too, which is around 5.5 inches. It is said that the smaller version will debut this year itself, while the larger version will be announced sometime in 2015.

Looks like Apple is trying something new with its next flagship and if this model is anything close to the final iPhone 6 to be released, fans are surely in for a treat.

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