New HTC One reviewed in a video before launch

The awaited HTC One’s successor is expected to release this month and just before its launch, a new video has surfaced on YouTube, which kind of reviews the ‘to be announced’ device. According to the video review, the new One will be slightly larger than its predecessor and will sport a better camera.

The video was posted on YouTube this Sunday and shows off the software as well as design of the device. Looks wise, the new HTC One will be similar to the original One, with a slightly larger screen and rounder corners. According to the video, the company will stick with the traditional aluminum finish found on the original model. On the front, there’s two speakers, while on the back, there’s an extra camera (as many rumors pointed out earlier) and dual LED flash. Also, the front sensors have been shifted to the right and onscreen buttons replace the capacitive buttons.

On the software side, the device will feature the new version of Sense, probably the Sense 6 along with a new Blinkfeed. Unlike the original One where Blinkfeed replaced the home screen, the new One will come up as an additional home screen. Blinkfeed will be available from the left and looks similar to the original software released with One. Also, as mentioned above, the capacitive buttons are replaced by on screen ones, which is not that surprising given that it’s a new trend among high end smartphones in the industry. Unfortunately, hardware details are still not known.

The video seems to be real as HTC’s Online Communications Manager; Jeff Gordon immediately contacted the kid who uploaded the video on YouTube.  Just a few hours earlier, Jeff contacted him and said he was in for a rough week. As the reviewer didn’t do much to hide the IMEI number and other contact details on the back of the developer model, HTC could get the details of the engineer to whom it was given. The conversation which happened on Twitter ended with Jeff replying to the kid, “We’ll be in touch”. It is even reported that the kid’s father has been fired; however, the news is still not confirmed.

HTC has kept a press event later this month and the company is expected to release this device globally during the event. As a result, it’s just a matter of few days of waiting before one can see the new HTC One officially. Stay tuned for more details.


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