New App Aims To Stop Selfie Deaths: Here’s How It Works

Selfie deaths have been increasing over the past few years and a new app that warns users of an unsafe selfie location is now in the works. (Image taken from

The world is witnessing a steady rise in selfie deaths. The desire for more social media ‘likes’ or even the thrill of taking that one perfect picture, despite the risk, is putting people in more dangerous situations than ever. The past few years have seen a steady rise in selfie deaths and the number of recorded incidents stands at 127, states a research by Carnegie Mellon University.

Researchers found that 2016 alone saw around 73 selfie deaths in the first half, a sharp rise over 39 in 2015 and 15 in 2014. As a result, the team of researchers at the University are now developing an app that aims to remind the smartphone user when his/her life is in danger while taking the perfect selfie.

This team includes PhD student Hemank Lamba and his colleagues. The name of the life-saving app is still not known. However, an article in Refinery 29 explains that Lamba and his team’s latest app uses phone location information and an algorithm to identify unsafe locations.

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From the information at hand, the app is still in the development stages. Lamba and his team believe that it will be able to identify a hazardous location such as railway tracks or the highest point of a tall structure and warn the selfie-taker about the risk to his/her life, adds a report in International Business Times.

Their app has reviewed around 3,000 photographs. Tests have shown that their app can now identify a dangerous location in 70 percent of the cases. The only bone of contention with regards to this app is the fact that it sends a danger alert. An article in BBC Newsbeat argues that getting an alert on the smartphone, while already at risk is even more dangerous. However, Lamba and his team might be able to smooth this detail out in their bid to save hundreds of lives.

This is because people are going at lengths in a bid to take a great picture. News of the app being developed comes at the time when it is needed the most. After all, we pay attention to our smartphones than anyone else a bit more these days.

Do you think the new app to stop selfie deaths will be useful? Let us know.

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