New Amazon Smartphone Image Reveals its Design

New Amazon Smartphone Image Reveals its DesignAmazon, the e-commerce giant is reportedly working on a smartphone which it intends to launch in June this year. Details about the device started surfacing the internet from April last month and some of the features of the device too had been leaked earlier. However, even when BGR published a story about Amazon smartphone along with its picture, the image could not reveal much about the design. This was because; the company smartly covered it with a protective shell which hid all the key design aspects of the device.

But now, almost a month later, new image of the smartphone has surfaced online and the image luckily reveals the entire smartphone. The front and back design, buttons, display are all visible on the image which clearly gives fans an idea as to what to expect at the announcement to be held in June.

Amazon Smartphone Design

The image revealed by BGR exclusively shows the design cues of the device. Although some rumors state it comes with extraordinary features, design wise, it’s pretty much what one would expect a smartphone to be. The smartphone looks a lot like a blend of Apples iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S, which is actually a good thing given that both the devices are sold in millions. So, just by the image, Amazons smartphone looks like a well-built device.

Although the specifications are not yet revealed, sources say that the device will be large. But users will be able to operate it using one hand. So, it could be anywhere between 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches. The same sources also claim that the phone would feature special tools which would help users operate it with just a hand.

Amazon Smartphone Specs

Some rumors state that the device would come with a 4.7 inch screen with 720p resolution, Quad Core Snapdragon SoC, 2GB RAM and six different camera modules. While the two rear facing cameras would be primarily used for taking pictures, the four front camera modules are said to help the device display 3D content. These front cameras will track the position of the users head in relation to the display to show 3D effects. They would also help the user with gesture controls to manage apps and menus.

Another highlight of the device is the rumored Prime Data. It is said that this special package, which could be exclusive to AT&T users would include some Prime Video and Music streaming free of charge along with regular data.

Amazon will most likely announce the smartphone this June, but it’s not yet confirmed and the actual release date could be any time around the third quarter of 2014.

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