Netanyahu To Work With Trump Against ‘Threats Posed by Iran’

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/ Abraham ben Jacob | Israel PM Netahanyu with US President Trump. Twitter/ Abraham ben Jacob

Donald Trump is now officially the President of the United States.  And, he is now set to tackle his first American policy.  He is taking steps to make sure the promises he made in his campaign will not go to waste.   The President made a brief phone call to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanhayu, on Sunday.  According to a reliable source, he invited the Prime Minister for a short visit at the White House in early February this year.  In addition, the two agreed to assess regional issues, including the threats that Iran poses.  Trump also promises to work towards a Palestinian-Israeli peace.  He also vows to prioritize hindering the Islamic state and other radical Islamic terrorist groups.  

Netanhayu has expressed his desire to work with Trump

Meanwhile, Netanhayu issued a statement saying that he expressed his desire to work closely with the Trump admission regarding these issues, reports The Washington Post.  Trump, however, has not made any contact with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  According to a Kremlin spokesman, Putin is ready.  However, it will take months before the two finally makes an appointment.  Spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes that the meeting will be a controversial one.  The U.S. Intelligence once accused the Russian government of sabotage during the Presidential elections.

After Trump’s inaugurations as President, the Israeli government started to approve building permits for 566 settler homes in the east Jerusalem annex.  According to them, the rules of the game changed as soon as Trump came into office.  Now, they can finally build.  The former President Barack Obama declined to a veto a UN Security Council resolution that condemns settlements, reports France 24.  Trump, soon after his inauguration, vetoed a resolution.  

The Palestinian government, however, deemed it a violation of the UN resolution.  They also drafted a bill to annex the Maale Adumim in the occupied West Bank.  It is still up for approval by a ministerial committee.  But, the move could permanently damage a chance for a two-state solution.

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