NEST launches ‘Works with NEST’ certification program

NEST launches 'Works with NEST' certification programGoogle’s acquisition of the home automation company, NEST gave us a fair idea as to what the company is planning for the future. Many companies have already announced their entry into the connected home segment and Google plans to lead them all with this acquisition.

NEST currently has two main products, namely the NEST Learning Thermostat and Protect Smoke Detector. But the company is all set to boost their functionality by opening up its API and launching a special developer program. This means that anyone with a free NEST account can write a program to integrate its products with these two gadgets.

Any connected program can talk to NEST gadgets. “It could be software, it could be hardware, it could be a service,” says Greg Hu, senior product manager at the company. “You just need a connected platform and that’s it.”

This makes NEST’s Learning Thermostat the center of all smart gadgets at home. The developer program can bring in many new smart gadgets which will communicate with its Thermostat and will simplify many of the basic activities at home.

The program will further certify any gadgets, or even cars as ‘Works with NEST’ to show that they are all connected to NEST’s Learning Thermostat. In the end, these connected gadgets from different brands will work together to automate many of the functions at home, making life easier for its users.

Now, many of you must be wondering how a simple Thermostat can handle all these connected gadgets. NEST has smartly integrated many sensors, motion detectors, Wi-Fi and even machine learning program in its Learning Thermostat which these gadgets can use to communicate and initiate actions in a smart home. This makes the thermostat an ideal device to be at the center of all connected gadgets in a house.

Along with this announcement, NEST also revealed several major companies who have signed onto the program. For example, Whirlpool, Mercedes Benz and even Logitech have joined the ‘Works with NEST’ program. There are other companies too like LIFX, Jaw Bone and Chamberlain who are on board.

The program opens up many new possibilities for home automation, like alerting your neighbors about a fire at your home or your LIFX bulbs flashing red when CO2 levels rise. However, the partnership with Mercedes Benz is probably the highlight of the program. The connected cars can send ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the driver which will then alert the Thermostat to heat or cool the house before he or she reaches there.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and with Google on the lead, one can expect many new features and partnerships in the coming few months.

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