NCIS New Orleans: Zoe McLellan’s Divorce Prompted Her Exit

Zoe McLellan as Agent Merri Brody on the set of NCIS New Orleans. Screen cap from Pinterest

It has been nearly a month already since NCIS New Orleans returned for its third season without Zoe McLellan. While both CBS and the actress remain tightlipped about the issue, a scoop about her divorce may finally shed some light on why she had to leave the police procedural drama so early.

Meredith Brody Leaves New Orleans

As previously reported, the season 2 finale of the show saw Zoe McLellan’s exit as Meredith Brody. Her character has been involved in a relationship with Homeland Security Agent John Russo, played by Ivan Sergei. To her dismay, Russo turned out to be an embedded spy for the people who are planning a terror attack in the city.  While Brody and the team behind Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) managed to save the city, doubt was later cast upon Brody.

Due to her affair with Russo, Brody’s reputation and judgment were questioned as Pride’s team was compromised. So to avoid implicating the team for her actions, she decided to leave New Orleans altogether. New Orleans opened its third run without the female lead in the picture.

NCIS New Orleans

Agent Mary Brody left New Orleans after her romance almost compromised Pride’s team. Image source: Twitter / @MyAlexanderSky

Divorce Trouble

Zoe McLellan’s name has been in the rumor mill since her withdrawal from the show. Some say it was because of her flourishing love life while others believe she was underpaid. However, the latest scoop points her divorce as the possible reason behind her early exit.

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It was noted previously that McLellan and her ex-husband, Jean Pierre Gillain, had a messy divorce last year. The two have been separated since 2014 with her ex-husband seeking the custody of their son, Sebastian. Since McLellan was always in New Orleans for her TV show, she made a bid to the court to grant her temporary full custody of their child. However, Gillain did not only opposed the idea, it was revealed he also asked a one-time spousal support from the actress.

TMZ has it that the 41-year-old actress had to shell out a one-time payment of $30,000 to her former husband, who was then a struggling actor, with no future spousal support. That was it for her ex. However, Zoe was obliged to pay $4k a month to support their then 2-year-old son.

While the money may be a form a support, rumors have it that she wants to be physically there for Sebastian as well. McLellan reportedly prefers to focus on her family and spend quality time with her son, following the fierce custody war hence her withdrawal.

As usual, this remains on the rumor mill until either the network or the actress herself addresses these issues. To date, fans are still demanding a definite explanation as to why the star behind their favorite female agent isn’t coming back to NCIS. They can only hope that McLellan will give into their wishes and speak about her exit soon.

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