“Murdered” Woman Calls Police To Report Burglary

Screen grab from the 1984 episode of Aktenzeichen that featured Petra’s story.
Screen grab from the 1984 episode of Aktenzeichen that featured Petra's story.

Screen grab from the 1984 episode of Aktenzeichen that featured Petra’s story.

In Düsseldorf, Germany, police officers went to the house of one “Mrs. Schneider” to respond to an emergency call. The lady had telephoned to report a burglary, but while the officers were investigating, they unearthed a shocking secret – Mrs. Schneider was not who she said she was.

When asked to provide proof of identification, “Mrs. Schneider” of revealed that she was Petra Pazsitka – a college student who had gone missing in 1984 and who was believed to be dead. The now 55-year-old produced her expired ID card and confirmed her identity by answering several of the authorities’ questions correctly.

In 1984, then 24-year-old Petra Pazsitka failed to show up at her brother’s birthday, prompting a massive police hunt for the college student. Believed to have been murdered, the authorities had reached out to crime show, “Aktenzeichen XY” in hopes that the public would be able to provide tips.


Shortly after, a suspect who was charged for raping and murdering a 14-year-old girl from the same area Petra was from, confessed that he had murdered Petra. Despite the lack of evidence, witnesses and the victim’s body, the case was closed in 1989.

31 years later, Petra reveals to authorities that she has been living in several areas in Western Germany with no driver’s license, social security card, passport or even a bank account. By using a false name, she was able to earn little income through illicit jobs and payed all her bills in cash.

Although Petra’s father has already passed away, her mother and brother are excited to know that Petra is alive and well. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem like a happy reunion is will be happening anytime soon. Petra refuses to divulge details regarding her disappearance and does not wish to be contacted by her family or the media.

According to Police Spokesman Joachim Grande, Petra cannot be held criminally liable as she has never used false papers.


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