Evil Wife Dalia Dippolito ‘Hires’ Undercover Officer To Kill Husband

Screen capture c/o Palm Beach Post

In 2009, Dalia Dippolito decided she wanted her husband, Michael Dippolito dead and would stop at nothing to see it done. What Dalia didn’t know was that the hit man she was talking to about her murder for hire plot to have her husband killed was actually an undercover cop.

Just six months after Dalia Dippolito and her husband were married, she went to her friend Mohamed Shihadeh and told him of her plans to have her husband killed, and asked if he knew a hit man for hire. Instead of helping her with her insane request, Shihadeh went straight to the Boynton Beach Police Department where he told the cops about Dalia’s murder for hire plans.

The police then equipped Shihadeh with a hidden camera and used him as a confidential informant. Through the use of the camera, police were able to record a conversation that Shihadeh had with Dalia Dippolito about her desire to hire a hit man. Shihadeh fed Dalia the information that the police told him to say, which included asking for $1200 to pay a hit man.

Watching the footage, Detective Alex Moreno said that “We were shocked … how easily she talked about … getting her husband killed.” Dalia Dippolito counted out the money and handed Shihadeh a photo of her husband.

dalia dippolito murder for hire

Dalia Dippolito’s lawyer claims entrapment. Screen capture c/o Palm Beach Post

The Boynton Beach Police Department then enacted the next step in their plan to catch Dalia Dippolito in the middle of her murder for hire plot, and after informing Michael about his wife’s plan, they set  up a fake crime scene in the couple’s home.

Dalia Dippolito came home to find her house taped off by police and the entire place being treated as a crime scene. The police informed her that her husband had been murdered, and right on cue Dalia pretended to be in shock. However, according to Sgt. Frank Ranzie. “In the midst of all of that tremors and shaking of her body, there wasn’t any real tears coming out of her eyes.”

Dalia Dippolito was then taken to the police station, under the pretense of answering routine questions. It was then revealed to her that Michael was not, in fact, dead and that the whole thing had been a setup with an undercover police officer. Unbeknownst to her, the entire scenario had also been recorded for the purpose of being aired on the reality TV show, COPS.

In the years that have followed, Dalia Dippolito has been charged and convicted with solicitation to commit first-degree murder. Despite having received a sentence of 20 years in prison, however, Dalia’s conviction was recently reversed by the District Court of Appeals.

dalia dippolito murder for hire

Caught in the act. Screen capture c/o ABC News.

Now, Dalia’s lawyers are attempting to have the entire case thrown out before the second trial, which is to being in May 2016. They are accusing the police of entrapment, destroying evidence, and several other offenses committed in an effort to spice up the situation for COPS.

Additionally, Dalia Dippolito is claiming that during one session where she met with Shihadeh she actually tried to back out and cancel the hit man plan. She alleges that Shihadeh would not let her back out and even threatened to harm Dalia’s mother if she didn’t go through with the plan. Coincidentally, the meeting Dalia said that this occurred at is the only meeting to have not been recorded, with the police claiming that it was due to Shihadeh’s wire failing at that time.

Currently, Dalia Dippolito is awaiting a hearing with a judge that could potentially lead to the charges against her being dropped for good. The hearing could be as early as January and may lead to the cancellation of the second trial.

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