Mozilla Partners with Taiwanese Firm to Develop Firefox OS Tablets

Mozilla Partners with Taiwanese Firm to Develop Firefox OS TabletsMozilla is teaming up with a Taiwanese device manufacturer for the development and assembly of its own tablets. The goal is of course to make those slates run on the latest Firefox OS operating system. However, according to media reports, that tablet would be aimed more on developers instead of on the general public.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is Hon Hai Precision Co, which is also currently assembling iPhones and iPads in behalf of another partner, Apple Inc. This could be the reason why Mozilla tapped its services for a future project together. Luckily, the Taiwanese firm has the freedom to work with another company for development of new devices.

For developers

But many are now asking about the strategy to make the Mozilla tablets for developers. It was revealed that it was Hon Hai’s decision. In a media report, it was disclosed that when the two companies were developing the Firefox OS tablets, Hon Hai came to the realization that it would be more lucrative to take the strategy.

The Taiwanese company said Mozilla holds a global developer community that has greater power to possibly drive development of HTML 5-based online technologies. Obviously, that could be a better path to take than to compete with the presently popular tablets for general consumers in the market.

Contribution program

Mozilla has also embarked on a contribution program in its aim to speed up current development of its Firefox OS specifically for tablets. That program is involving development and rollout of more free tablets aimed at developers so they would be more encouraged and inspired to finally join the growing Firefox OS ecosystem.

Hon Hai also committed to do its part in the partnership. It has agreed to participate in several Firefox OS training courses, app competitions, and forums. It also nodded to the promotion of the same developer program especially in schools that are expressing interest in Firefox OS.

Mozilla and Hon Hai

Hon Hai is confident that the participation of the aggressive global community of developers held by Mozilla would greatly contribute to further development of Firefox OS, HTML 5, and many other Web technologies. In the end, the company said it is sure that this program would be beneficial to most of the partnership’s customers.

It was in June last year when Mozilla and Hon Hai announced their collaboration for the development of an open platform for Firefox OS. That would use HTML 5 and many other open Web technologies.

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