Mozilla Integrates Social and Security Features in Newly Released Firefox 23

Newly Released Firefox 23Mozilla has updated its browser for desktops and mobile devices. The new Firefox 23 boasts of new features that are aimed at providing the new browser versions with more impact. Loyal Firefox users could rave about how the updated browser initiates more social integration and resolves several flaws.

Most of Firefox 23’s new features were introduced through the beta release last June. The highlights are of course the new social and security features, which are more than enough reason for any user to get the update.

Social and security features

The new browser was built on Facebook Messenger integration through the Social API that was unveiled last year. It does not surprise that Mozilla included its own Share button in the new Firefox toolbar. It allows sharing of content from Firefox 23 without the need to leave the current page the user is using.

The sharing feature is currently supported by msnNOW, Mixi, and Cliqz. Mozilla hopes to add more Websites, apps, and services to the feature. It would be useful in Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. The icon in the toolbar is distinct as it looks more like a paper plane that allows sharing of the site into several services.

Mixed content blocking is the main security feature of Firefox 23. Websites that serve secure and insecure content would be blocked by default if those are served in standard ‘http.’ Priority would be given to page elements from ‘https’ sites. This small change would lower common attacks by preventing malicious content from loading. That would be on top of a capacity to fix 13 distinct security bugs. Those include seven high impact and four critical flaws.

Firefox for mobile

Meanwhile, Firefox 23 for Android could be considered as a more substantial upgrade. It adds a location bar that hides automatically when not used. It could be a minor improvement but it brings a big impact to users who want less clutter on their smartphone screens. There is an option to add RSS feeds or change default search provider to the present default RSS manager from the browser.

The browser update indicates Mozilla’s intention to obtain attention and get a bigger market share in the mobile segment. Firefox keeps its focus on desktops but it also wants to gain more users in the mobile platform. To date, Firefox for Android accounts for only 1% of all users of the mobile operating system.

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