Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem Will Have ‘Extremely Serious Consequences’: France

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President-Elect Donald Trump and his administration’s plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Their decision has drawn sharp reactions from around the world. For instance, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas believes that the decision may have an adverse effect on the peace process between the two states. He even sent a letter to Trump asking him to change his decision. Muhammad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, believes the move would be an ‘assault’ on the Muslims. France too opines that the move will have a serious consequences on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault voiced his country’s concerns at a recently held Paris Middle East conference in Paris. The conference aimed to rebuild peace between Palestine and Israel. It planned to do so by calling on both the sides to “re-state their commitment to the two-state solution.” An article in Washington Post states that Ayrault started the proceedings by warning Trump about the consequences of his decision to move the US embassy.

He opined that it was not right for a leader to take such a strong stand. “When you are president of the United States, … you can’t have such an entrenched, unilateral position,” he said. “You have to seek to contribute to creating the conditions for peace,” he added. The latest conference, states an article in USA Today, comes on the heels of UN Security Council’s recent resolution. This resolution slammed Israel’s settlements on the West Bank and in the East of Jerusalem.

However, it was during Sunday’s conference, that many people had gathered outside Israel’s embassy in Paris. They believed that the conference was an anti-Israel tribunal. Despite the criticism, it attracted, the Paris Middle East Conference brought together diplomats from around 70 countries on a single platform. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was one of them. However, there was no representative from the Trump administration at the forum. Also absent from the proceedings were Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem

An article in CNN states that the Trump administration will relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Many believe that President-elect Trump and his administration will soon make an official announcement to that effect. Even though the Trump administration has not commented on the matter so far, latest round of speculations state that his administration will issue a statement by May 24, this year. May 24 is also known as the Jerusalem Day in Israel and is a National Holiday.

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