Mount Everest Might Have Shrunk Due To Earthquake

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The Indian government recently announced its plans to measure the height of Mount Everest. The government will collaborate with Nepal’s government to undertake the measuring expedition. The objective is to understand if the height of the tallest mountain in the Himalayas reduced after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

While, both India and Nepal agree that the Mount Everest stands tall at 8,848 meters, experts believe that the 2015 Nepal earthquake has reduced the height. The belief stems from data collected via satellite. This data was collected after a 7.8-magnitude hit Nepal in April 2015. According the satellite data taken after this earthquake, Mount Everest measured 2.8 centimeters less than its original height.

An article in the National Post quotes UNAVCO, which is a nonprofit, university-governed geoscience research consortium. The organization attributes this height reduction to “relief of strain in the Earth’s crust.” Experts believe that the 2015 Nepal earthquake resulted in shaking so strong, that it even shifted Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, by several meters to the south.

Mission details

According to a BBC report, India is readying a 30-member team to remeasure Everest. Swarna Subba Rao, Surveyor-General of India revealed that Indian scientists plan to measure the mount with help of GPS equipment and triangulation techniques. According to him, the team would need a month and a half to present its findings. He believes that the team could collect data and make its observations in a month. It would require an additional two weeks’ time to calculate the data and announce the findings. 15 days to compute, said Rao.

An article in the Washington Post states that India will work with Nepal on the project. He added that the country’s Central mapping agency known as the Survey of India will work with Nepal, which has agreed in principle for the partnership. However, the deputy chief from Nepal’s survey department, Ganesh Bhatta denied that such agreement was in place. He said that Nepal is planning on doing its own survey.

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