Motorola updates Touchless Control App with a Notification Command

Motorola users are in for a treat today as the company just announced a new set of features for its touchless control app. The app is the brains behind the voice command feature of the Moto X, and now with this update, it will accept one more command which will read out the user’s notifications.

After the user updates the app, he or she can make the phone read up notifications like Whatsapp messages, emails and text just by saying ‘Whats Up’ or ‘Read Notifications’. So the user doesn’t have to manually check for these notifications as the phone will directly read them out from the phone. This can come in handy especially when the user is busy doing something like driving and want to check the notifications that just came on his Motorola Smartphone.

Apart from adding this new command, the update also improves the end of speech detection. So, performing any task with the help of Voice Commands should be now accurate as well as fast. As of now, this feature is fully available in English (US), Spanish and Italian languages and the rest of the languages are still in the beta stage.

Along with touchless control, Motorola Migrate too received an update today which makes the process of transferring data between two smartphones easier. Earlier, this app worked only while transferring data from iPhone to Motorola phones but now it’s available for all Android phones in the market. With this update, users can choose the content they wish to transfer to the new phone and it even transfers contacts directly to the Google account of the user. Unfortunately, the app is still only compatible for transferring data to a limited number of Motorola smartphones which includes Moto X, Moto G, Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx.

Both the updates require the phones to run Android 4.4 Kitkat version so it is advised by the company to upgrade to this version at the earliest.

Looks like Google is doing everything from their end before Motorola is transferred to Lenovo. Motorola’s recent releases like Moto X and Moto G are nothing great in terms of hardware specs but software has always been up to the mark. This latest update is a clear indication of the amount of backing these phones have from the company and it won’t be surprising, if it releases more such updates in the coming months.

The play store links for Touchless Control and Motorola Migrate can be found here and here.

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