Motorola Permanently Slashes Off-Contract Moto X Price Tag to Just $399

Motorola Permanently Slashes Off-Contract Moto X PriceMotorola has announced the new lower price tag of its Moto X. The smartphone manufacturer said each unit of the flagship handset would now be worth $399. Moreover, this price tag would be for good.

In a blog post, Motorola’s senior vice president of product management Rick Osterloh said that consumers don’t have to patiently wait for contract upgrades anymore. He said that regular price discounts are common during holiday sales of malls.

It could be recalled that Motorola already imposed a huge markdown on Moto X. Back then, a technical glitch prevented specific customers from purchasing the item. Thus, Motorola was forced to reschedule the sale out of good luck.

Mr. Osterloh made the proud announcement about the lowered price tag of Moto X. He said that from now on, Moto X would be sold for $399 per unit in any major US carrier. The cost includes total customized devices.

The pricing scheme

If taken with a two-year subscription contract, Moto X would cost just $99.99 through Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. The 32GB version of the same smartphone costs about $229.99 (from original price of $549). Bamboo back could surely be added as an accessory for just $100.

The on-contract unit of Moto X used to be sold for $199 until the company decided to drop that price to $100 last October. Also available through the Moto Maker Website was customization options that were initially available exclusively to AT&T customers since the launch of Moto X. It was just last November when the option was opened to users of other telecom carriers.

Flagship smartphone model

Moto X was launched and released in August 2013. That was the first ever major launch of the company following its acquisition by Google Inc. The handset has a 4.7-inch screen with display resolution of 1,280 X 720 pixels and 316 pixels per inch. The unit also comes with a powerful 10-megapixel camera at its rear and a 2-megapixel camera at its front.

Interestingly, Moto X now operates on the latest Android version. 4.4 KitKat. The smartphone also boasts of a 24-hour battery span. The unit could also facilitate up to 13 hours of uninterrupted talk time, thanks to its 220mAh battery. Moto X was the sole smartphone model until Motorola launched its Moto G, which is more inclined with more Google features.

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