Motorola Nexus X spotted on Best Buy

Motorola Nexus X spotted on Best BuyFor the past two years, LG has been making Nexus smartphones for Google and the company has been quite successful with its launches. As we were expecting another Nexus device this year, an LG executive denied any reports of Google contacting them for the next Nexus branded smartphone.

This is when Motorola came into the picture as a leak said that the once Google owned company was busy developing a Nexus device for this year, code named the Shamu. And as we near the release date of the handset, which will be around November, we are getting more details about this device.

A new source from Phone Arena reports that Motorola’s next Nexus device will be called as the Nexus X internally. The phone will have the model number XT1100. However, when the device finally hits the market, it would use a different name, probably Nexus 6.

The device will be the sixth generation smartphone in the Nexus lineup and will also come with a 5.9 inch screen. These two factors make it obvious that the device would be called Nexus 6.

However, there’s one problem. Google is having trademark issues with the name Nexus, especially Nexus 6 since the company is having disputes with the family of the author Philip K Dick, who has used the name in one of his novels. So, the company may adopt a totally different name this year to avoid such issues.

Phone Arena also reports that Motorola is secretly planning to launch the device on or around Halloween. So, we might not see a big announcement by the company this year.

The timing of the said launch is in line with the usual launch schedule of Nexus devices, so the source could be true.

We also have some more details about the device, thanks to the Best Buy listing spotted by TK Tech News. The listing says that the device will be up for pre-order for $499.99 on the Sprint network. It further adds that it would run Android LMP and will come with a 5.9 inch screen and a 2.7Ghz Snapdragon Quad Core CPU.

These specs are in line with the leaked benchmark of the Nexus X. Other rumored specifications include 3GB RAM, 13MP rear camera with a 2MP front shooter, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and NFC. Google is also expected to announce the latest Android L version alongside the launch.

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