Motorola may make the next Nexus device

Motorola may make the next Nexus deviceAll eyes are now on what Google can craft up with the mystery manufacturer for its next Nexus device. It has always been questionable who will join Google on the Nexus project, with HTC, Samsung and LG helping out in the past.

With the influx of new manufacturers for Android, including Oppo, Pantech, Archos, ZTE, Huawei and many others, the mobile battle has become a swarm, with Samsung gobbling up the biggest bite and the rest fighting over squabbles.

Some say Google will offer LG a new contract to make the Nexus 5, but new rumors now suggest Google may look to its own mobile hardware division, Motorola, to make the new Nexus device.

The Moto X is the best representation of the Google and Motorola collaboration, even though the device is sold on carriers and does not have the latest updates, it feels like a phone Google would be proud to unveil, if it was $300 cheaper and ran stock Android.

With this incredible new design from Motorola and some neat new software features, Google may reach out to make a phone with the same X8 chipset inside the Moto X, with the same design atheistic and perhaps a 1080p screen.

The main feature on the new Nexus device will be a new operating system; the Nexus 7 came with Android 4.3, a little jolt in Jelly Bean but nothing to write home about. The next Nexus smartphone may have a bigger upgrade, a step to Key Lime Pie.

Key Lime Pie is set to make Android low-end friendly, meaning all the old cheap devices running Gingerbread can upgrade to the latest version of the operating system, if the carriers and OEM partners can be bothered with the upgrade process.

The new Android update will give up to four times as much battery life back to the user and sources claim Google is currently working on making screen technology and processing drain less battery life.

In the next update Google will truly embrace natural language and Google Now is likely to become more than just a card notification system, being rewired deep into the Android ecosystem.

Google has always stepped back and gave partners and hackers the opportunity to change the system, but on Key Lime Pie there will be a big reason to stick as close to stock as possible and it will be Google’s integration with every single service.

Motorola could make this device that starts the trend of natural language and complete connection with all types of services. Nexus devices are notably always seen as flagship products, despite their cheap cost, we hope Motorola will bring a phone to market similar to the Moto X but at $400 off contract.

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