Motorola Includes Hands-Free Texting Feature to Its Assistant App

Motorola is providing its New Year gift to motorists. It comes in the form of a new feature that is included in the updated version of the Motorola Assistant. Now, users of the app could use and enjoy the new personal text messaging assistant feature that could facilitate responding to SMS messages while a user is driving.

The changelog of the app not just focuses on the use of voice for responding to text messages while driving. The update of the app would also automatically launch the user’s favorite music app, fix certain bugs, and improve driving detection.

The improved driving detection feature is an added capability that could be cited to the updated Motorola Contextual Services, which in turn facilitates activity detection and optimizes Touchless Control in the app. Thus, the new version of Motorola Assistant app now helps make driving mode detection faster and even more accurate using the Bluetooth technology.

Voice action 

Motorola Assistant is a special app that is included in the main features list of the company’s flagship smartphone Moto X. The app is known for providing many features to drivers who are busy on the road.
Now, the app could not just automatically detect whether you are driving or not. As you drive, when the phone receives a call or text message, it would speak aloud to notify the user about such activity. It would tell who is calling or texting the driver. It also asks for an option to respond using voice action.

Voice automation would have to be a standout component. It practically makes it possible to use Moto X devices without using the hands, making it ideal not just for drivers but also for other users who could be occupied manually doing other things while receiving calls or text messages.

Other new features

As mentioned, there are other features that are included in Motorola Assistant now. It could now zap photographs as well as videos. That would be possible through the use of the Droid Zapp, which uses the smartphone’s GPS and Wi-Fi functionality in sending pictures and videos using simple gestures.
Of course, it is just logical that the app supports Android 4.4 KitKat, the newest version of the free Google mobile operating system. Thus, this could be part of efforts to roll out KitKat in a faster pace. Google has recently rolled out KitKat version 4.4.2 to wireless networks particularly across the European region.

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