Motorola clears up the issue regarding Moto 360’s battery

Motorola clears up the issue regarding Moto 360's batteryAlthough we saw a glimpse of Motorola’s first smartwatch, Moto 360 back at Google I/O, the company officially unveiled the device only recently alongside its Moto G and Moto X 2014 smartphones.

With the device finally in the market, the guys over at iFixit decided to tear down the smartwatch (just like they do with every other device) to reveal what all tech Motorola packed inside it. Most of the details were as expected, however there was a little confusion.

The official spec sheet given by Motorola says that the device comes with a 320 mAh battery, which is almost the same as most other smartwatches in the market. However, when iFixit took the device apart, it had only had a 300 mAh one inside. While this is just a minor difference, it still means Motorola lied to consumers about the battery and naturally many Moto 360 buyers were furious with the company.

It took little time for Motorola to issue an official statement regarding this confusion. According to the company, the battery inside Moto 360 gives a normal output of 320 mAh with the minimum level being 300 mAh. Usually both the numbers are written on the battery, like the ones found on Moto G and Moto X, however due to space constraints, the company decided to just display the minimum level.

The following is what the company had to say about the issue.

“The typical battery capacity for Moto 360 is 320 mAh and the minimum is 300 mAh. In the mobile industry, sometimes both the minimum and typical capacity is listed on the battery, with the typical capacity quoted as the official battery size. Both figures are included on the batteries of our Moto X, Moto E and Moto G devices. In the case of smaller devices, we aren’t always able to list both figures. For Moto 360 we only had room for one figure and choose to list the minimal capacity of the battery. We see how this can be confusing and we will look into ways to add the typical capacity as well in the future.”

While we are happy that Motorola cleared this issue pretty fast, we are still wondering how the company thought it could get away with 300 mAh written on the battery inside. It was only a matter of time before someone opened the device; hence the company could have easily avoided such confusion by printing everything properly.

Anyways, iFixit gave Moto 360 a reparability score of 3 out of 10 which means it’s not easy (or advisable) to take it apart.

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