Moto X Google Edition will not be pure stock Android

Moto X Google Edition will not be pure stock AndroidThe Google Edition program is set to allow users the option of having an unlocked, pure stock Android experience on the top-end devices currently on the market. The HTC One and Galaxy S4 were the first two devices available and rumors point to the Xperia Z and Oppo Find 5 making an appearance.

The Moto X is another phone officially coming to the Google Play store with a Google Edition, but when it hits it will not be pure stock Android. Motorola advisor Guy Kawasaki has said it will come with the same features on the Google Edition as it does on any carrier edition.

Moto X

This is not a bad thing and in fact many of the software features on the Moto X make the phone better. Unlike Samsung and LG’s additional software, that many find horrid and unusable, the Moto X software features, including Active Display, Moto Assist, Touchless Control, Quick Gesture and Moto Connect are actually helpful and simple to use.

The Moto X also runs near to stock Android anyway, with the additional features and faster upgrade process; it is a win-win for any big off-contract stock Android fans.

Reports recently showed the Moto X was being sold by Motorola to carriers for $350, this could mean the Google Edition Moto X would sell at $400 off contract. With Google controlling Motorola operations, we may see the company decide to sell the Google Edition for cheaper than carriers and retailers.

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