Moto G is the best-selling smartphone for Motorola till date

Motorola released two new smartphones last year and looks like both the devices have helped the company do well in the market. Today, at the MWC press dinner, Motorola’s Vice President of product management, Rick Osterloh revealed that Moto G is the best-selling smartphone of the company till date. So, this means that within a year, this value for money device has overthrown the company’s earlier successful launches like the Motorola Razr series smartphones.

Until last year, the company struggled a lot. There were plenty of devices left in the pipeline which meant that advanced smartphones like Moto X could only be released after earlier models were launched. So, even after two years of Google’s acquisition, the company could not reveal any interesting models.

But, all this changed last year, when finally the models designed with Google made it to the market. This meant the end of existing Razr lineup and the dawn of the new Moto series, under the ownership of Google. Naturally, this proved beneficial for the company as it released the awaited Moto X, which was also called as Google X smartphone and later on revealed the low cost Moto G.

Moto X was the best offering from Motorola, which was actually a pretty good phone with practically no lag. It had all the features that a traditional high end smartphones boasted of along with plenty of customization options. This naturally attracted a lot of users to the device, but it was not enough to beat best sellers like Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

So, the company revealed its second offering, the Moto G in November. This was not aimed at the high end market, instead focused on providing the best value for money to its users. Looks like this strategy worked as it is now the company’s bestselling Smartphone of all time. Even the high end Moto X couldn’t beat it.

According to Rick, Motorola is making profit for every Moto G sold worldwide, and this profit will further increase after the merger with Lenovo. The company also has plans for several other devices for later this year, including the next version of Moto X and a Moto smartwatch. He further adds that the smartwatch will address popular consumer issues like style and battery.

While Motorola didn’t reveal anything at MWC this year, the company has assured of some new devices later in 2014. The exact time frames of these launches are still not known, but given that Moto X was launched in August, it’s quite likely that the company would update the smartphone around the same time this year.

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