Moto E, the successor of Moto G in the works

moto-g-successor-moto-eOne of the most talked about handsets in recent times was Motorola’s Moto G. The compact smartphone offered excellent performance at an unbelievable price, which in turn made it the best-selling device for the company till date.

However, Motorola is not just going to sit back and enjoy the success as new reports claim that the company is planning for another compact smartphone called Moto E which will replace the current Moto G smartphone in the coming months. The phone is expected to be cheaper than Moto G and will target users looking for a budget handset.

Moto E Features

The so called successor will sport a 4.3 inch display, 4GB internal storage with dual sim support. The device is expected to be thinner than Moto G and will measure 6.2 mm in thickness. So, users who earlier complained about Moto G being too fat can opt for this slimmer version which will probably launch in the next few months.

Inside, the device is expected to come with a dual core processor (either Qualcomm or Mediatek) clocked at 1.2Ghz along with 1GB RAM. It is said that the rear and the front camera will be same as the existing Moto G. So, one can expect a 5MP rear shooter along with a 1.3MP front camera.

The build quality will be like the Moto G, which was actually pretty good considering its price range. So, users will have a hard time finding a better built device in this price range.

Moto E vs Moto G

The Portuguese website which revealed the information state that Moto E will replace Moto G. So, before users actually go out and buy Moto G anytime soon, it would be a smart thing to compare the specs first.

Moto E is not really an upgrade, as the specs are lower than Moto G. However, given that the market is price sensitive, Motorola is probably going for a lower end phone with a cheaper price tag to lure in budget customers.

Moto G sports a 4.5 inch display [Rectified], while the rumored Moto E comes with a 4.3 inch display. So, people who like large displays would definitely love the former device. Also, the quad core processor will be replaced by a less powerful dual core processor on the new Moto E. But that may not necessarily mean the device will lag.

Both the devices come with the same camera, so that shouldn’t be an issue. The rumored specs of Moto E reveal that the battery capacity will be reduced to 1,900 on the new device. But the usage times may not differ too much as the new device comes with a less powerful processor.

All in all, Motorola is looking to capture the developing market with this entry level device and it would be interesting to see whether it performs as well as the existing Moto G.


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